Portrait, selfportrait, chess, black and white, stare

Chess Selfportrait (2017)



For me photography is mainly a tool to investigate from an artistic point of view how the human mind works at a very basic level: how space and spatial relations are perceived, how information and knowledge are organized and stored.

My subjects are taken out of context and recast in a more abstract setting with added ambiguity. The goal is to invite the viewer to a deeper reading in search of personal interpretation and hidden meaning.

My inspiration can be traced back to the metaphysical painting, to the geometric intricacies of Escher, to the essential architecture of Hopper, to the ambiguities of Magritte.


I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1961.

I am a professional mathematician, Ph.D. Brandeis Un. (1989), holding a teaching position at the University of Torino, Italy, since 1990.

I learned photography at a young age in the analogic era but left it dormant for decades. Eventually rediscovered it as a media of artistic expression in the mid-late 2010s.

Founding member of the Association Emergenze Fotografiche in 2021.

Expositions & Awards

March 2022: Trento Art Festival with the Association Emergenze Fotografiche.

January 2022: Monochrome Awards, Honorable Mention in the Architecture category

December 2021: TIFA, Honorable Mention in the Architecture category