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Walking at street level through a city the buildings appear deformed by perspective. In this project I use and enhance this anamorphism with the goal of obtaining, with the help of decontextualization and shadings, a sense of uneasiness and mystery. Often a pattern of lit windows, openings that connect two worlds, is added to imply a hidden order or chaos.

photo, fine, rt, black and white, skyscraper, windows, landing strip, shading, photoshop
fine, art, photo, wall, windows, black and white, random
photo, fine, art, black and white, skyscraper, glass, wall, reflection, shades, photoshop
fine, art, photo, black and white, shading, photoshop, colosseo quadrato

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photo, fine, art, church, black and white, belltower, baroque
photo, fine, art, tower, skyscraper, windows, shading, photoshop

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