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As the human mind explores the outside world, it organizes knowledge and information by collecting them in categories under a principle of similarity. But this taxonomic order is often illusory since the contents of each "box" remain often chaotic, requiring a refinement in a never-ending process. The project aims at representing this attempt of extracting Order from Chaos. The initial empty box represents the Mind itself in its pristine and uncorrupted state.

fine, arts, photo, box, wool, ball
photo, fine, art, masks, covid, box
Foliage, fine, art, photo, autumn, fall, leaves, box
Chess, chessmen, fine, art, photo, box
fine, art, photo, cables, box
fine, art, photo, box, fishes, fish, bream

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fine, art, photo, tango, shoes, box
fine, art, photo, pumpkins, box
fine, art, photo, box, gloves